Sunday, April 22, 2007

Heading Home

Today didn't work out exactly as we'd liked. We started out at the Sea Lion Show, which was funny enough (especially since the sea lions were not cooperating). After the show we fed them, and then the birds.

Jane would be so proud. Charles charged in and made sure that every bird got a little of the food. Thomas on the hand was afraid of the noise. Go figure.

And then the rain came. We spent the next several hours freezing in the pool as the boys splashed and played. One more trip through the penguin house (because we just weren't quite cold enough) and it was back to the car for the long ride home. Thomas didn't make it far beyond the parking lot, but we've just passed Seguin and Charles is still going strong.


  1. We have so enjoyed all the photos. Rain? Wish it had been in Rockdale. The boys seemed to have such delight in their smiles through this vacation. Hope all is well back in Houston. See you soon.

    J & H

  2. Yea rain. I hope you guys get some soon. But preferably before this weekend. The boys and I are really looking forward to a Rockdale trip. They've got their bug catchers and fishing poles all ready to go. (or at least we'll have them ready to go before the weekend)

  3. Looks like a good time was had by all. I guess I forgot to tell y'all that Sea World was owned by Anheiser Bush (sp?) and there's is a course that you can take to become a certified beer taster.