Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Holliman Reunion Weekend

It was a busy Rockdale weekend as Hollimans, Lowthers and a Phillips came to the 75th Annual Holliman-Tuma Reunion, always the Sunday before Labor Day. The weather was nice all weekend, unusually so for early September, so there was a lot of outside time for the boys. They were a delight. Michelle and Mark made the day trek, and Jennifer (Auntie Jen) and Lulu had special time with the children. Charles says "dog" quite clearly, and shared his Cheerios readily. Just couldn't quite catch her. (A good thing.) And we have a new delicacy - "Charles' Cake", a great pound cake that his Nana will always have to bake for him. (And everyone else.) The Cooking School was a success. The Rummikube games continued, and if we ever can remember who was who, we may have to proceed. We really don't think it was Dianne playing in that lucky spot and the Rules Committee may have to intervene. Papa had the longest naps of the weekend, too.

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