Sunday, June 13, 2010


Finally, Mama Kildeer hatched one egg and mini-me is in the background. Hard to get a good photo since they run off. When we tried later, two baby Kildeer were there. Still one egg to go. Be sure and show the boys.
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  1. All three eggs were hatched with babies walking about. We are glad we can vacation without parental overseeing.

  2. I don't know if birds can look pissed off, but Momma sure does in that picture. She doesn't want y'all near her babies.

  3. All three babies were on the road this morning before we left and as HH went to retreive the paper, both parents were pretending to have broken legs, or broken wings trying to distract HH. He ended up walking to get the paper because he was so disturbing them. The party on Saturday must have induced labor for the mama.