Saturday, July 19, 2008

'Snows' Takes the Prize

Texas Monthly's new favorite...
Snow's BBQ is in the little town of Lexington, an hour's drive northeast of Austin. It's open only on Saturday mornings. Owner Kerry Bexley is a bandy-legged former rodeo clown and prison guard. He and his helpers arrive at 10 p.m. Friday to light the oak logs.


  1. Big Boy BBQ in Sweetwater got an honorable mention, and he is providing Steven's Rehearsal Dinner meal on Aug. 1st. Elaine enticed him with her knowledge of Snows. His point was that Snows was only open one day a week, and he didn't think that made them a true restaurant. A point well taken.

  2. By the way, surely you haven't forgotten that Rockdale's own "No Teeth BBQ" was once mentioned in their annual review. (No Teeth then moved to Dallas.)