Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Super Huge Moon

Kasaitis1_strip Tomorrow night is the solstice moon. Supposedly it will look super huge as it rises above the horizon. Check out the NASA site for more details on the event and the illusion.


  1. Too funny. I just saw this article & forwarded it to Mom.

  2. We'll be looking. Very windy from the NE right now, and we are hoping for some rain tonight. Thanks for sending. HH home safe and sound.

  3. I came out from the shower at 9 PM and said, OH NO, we forgot to look (and forgot to shut garage doors, turn off garden sprinkler etc.) but we went anyway, and to the SE, we had lots of clouds (and a bit of lightening. Oooh, rain would be nice)so even driving up the road beyond the trees, we didn't see a thing! Darn! I still recall a huge moon rising going from Rockdale to Conroe one night after Thanksgiving one time, and the rise was over Aggie Stadium. It was really impressive, despite being in College Station (ha, Dianne).