Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend, Wrap Up

It was a great weekend at NanaPapa World. A little too much rain, but the boys had a great time on their new bikes - Dianne, Jennifer, and Harvey got some good "Wal-Mart" time in - and there was lots of fishing in between down-pours.

And Dianne and the boys even orchestrated a mini-birthday party for Jane before we left. I've posted a few more short clips to a pickle-page and uploaded most of my photos to a google album...


  1. It was great to see everyone. Can't wait to hear how potty-training goes once you've gotten home. I'm already planning a trip to the Bass Pro Shop for some fishing gear. We should remember to buy bait in Sommerville or Lyons or Caldwell next time.

  2. We had fun, too, and the boys are making a lot of memories here. Love the bike videos. And, of course, the Lizard expose.