Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita has come and left, and our part of town received little more than some rain and wind. Small branches and twigs here and there, but no damage. Never even lost power.


  1. It was lucky for our families to have the storm go east. Sunny in RD and we wish we had some rain. Love the breeze. Jennifer got home, has electricity, but got hit in Brenham by a Katrina refugee. It's always somethin'. So next week for her will be managing car repair.

    Glad everyone is safe.

  2. Beer is in fridge getting cold. Craig might come over later. Told him I didn't want to drive the banged up car more than I had to.

    I lost power-clocks were blinking, but still set at the right time. Nothing defrosted.

    Kroger down the street has lights & is open, but traffic signal is out.

    Saw some trees down along the way & windows blown out (but looked like an abanonded window-so could've been before storm).

    Answering machine wouldn't pick up because outlet needed to be reset.

    Will log on to MSN for IM.