Thursday, July 07, 2005

When it rains...

More thunderstorms tonight... Sorry, Rockdale. We'd send them your way if we could.


  1. We're OK! Literally, storms popped up from the West around 8 PM and we have had a wonderful light show and .6 rain so far. Dwindling now. We were enjoying the spectacle on the porch, but the lightening got too close, we thought, and we headed for the inside. No puddles to speak of as the ground is soaking it up. Our new road really needed this.

  2. That's great. It really cooled things off around here. If you get a chance, and have any battery left, post a picture of the new road...

  3. Even I might think a photo of the road to be a pretty sad statement as to the excitement we generate here in RD. (Although that close lightening last night was pretty electrifying.) It's better to experience the road in person...crushed limestone, and smooth. Bike-ready for the boys!