Sunday, December 12, 2004

So if something happens....

If you check in during the next couple of days, and the site is not available, it's because my ISP (the same one that some of you are using) has decided that they cannot secure their servers and still provide passive FTP access (laughing are you, H?) - a move which kills Blogger.

Regardless, Blogger (and passive FTP) still works with (even though the crack security team has secured the systems) and hopefully soon they will open it for the rest of my sites.

They might, however, discover/decide that this too is a risk and Blogger may soon be unable to access this domain. Rest assured, regardless of my 5+ year relationship with EV1, I will find a new home for as well as my other domains, should it come to that.

and "yes" EV1... I hope you are reading this

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